Jackson Mora gets ready for his wedding with Tilsa Lozano: “The day has come” [FOTO]

Tilsa Lozano and Jackson Mora They are already more than nervous about their wedding day, even the model was excited because today she will say yes. For his part, he boxer He has also published on his social networks that he is already getting ready for this special day that he is getting married.

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As is known, Tilsa Lozano She underwent a radical change days before her wedding, something that shocked all her followers who are attentive to what the former avenger does on all her social networks.

jackson mora He uploaded a short story to his Instagram account like his fiancée and with just three words he hinted that he was nervous and ready for his wedding day with Tilsa Lozano.

“The day has arrived,” reads the boxing story along with an emoji of a running man, revealing that he is also in a hurry to be ready.

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What did Tilsa Lozano say hours before her wedding to Jackson Mora?

As soon as today dawned, the model Tilsa Lozano He noted his nerves through his Instagram account, he even pointed out that he had not been able to sleep all night because he was thinking about his wedding with the boxer jackson mora.

“Friday arrived at 6:04 a.m. You can’t imagine how nervous I am, I couldn’t sleep all night. I’ve woken up a thousand times. I’m very nervous, my hands are numb and my belly hurts, I want to cry with emotion,” Tilsa said.