Jackson Torres speaks out after being bathed in soda by Deysi Araujo: “I will not take legal action” – INTERVIEW

Deysi Araujo and Jackson Torres were in the public eye after the event they shared days ago, in which the former vedette surprised him by throwing a soda in his face while he sang his unique song “The toxic one”. The former judge was upset after what happened and assured that he would take legal action.

However, on this occasion and for The popular, revealed that he will not proceed legally against the redhead. Likewise, he spoke about his projects and about his celebration today for his birthday. Was Deysi Araujo present at her name day?

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-What plans today for your birthday? A trip maybe?

I’ll tell you a little, to be honest, at first I wanted to celebrate it, but hey, since I’ve been exposed a lot through the media. I also had the incident (Deysi Araujo bathed him in soda at the event) I preferred to just have a quiet time. I am planning a trip to go to Spain, but I’m still planning it for next month.

-Jackson, you revealed to “Magaly TV, the firm” that you would take legal action against Deysi Araujo after she threw a soda in your face while you sang ‘La Tóxica’ on stage. How’s that topic going?

I wanted somehow to be able to carry the party in peace. Don’t have a bit of friction with her. Even, well, because of what he did, I also decided not to take legal action for that matter, because I think that sometimes one acts on impulse, because of things one thinks, so I believe that everyone deserves an opportunity and I believe that It is not necessary to fight and get older.

I have preferred, for now, to refrain from taking legal action. For now, I have preferred to refrain from that.

-Deysi Araujo greeted you for your birthday? What’s next for you?

I’m not going to mention anything about that, sorry. What I prefer to avoid and I’m telling you, I prefer to avoid people talking about me, spoiling or affecting my image because I am a professional, a lawyer.

Perhaps I passionately took up music a little bit, the world of entertainment and a little bit that I lost my focus in my career, but now I am going to go back to work where I was working and make my professional career, as a lawyer and public official.

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-Deysi Araujo revealed that you asked him for an opportunity again. She even recommended that you go to therapy because you demand her, but you tell her to come back. How is the situation?

I no longer want my image to be touched on issues of scandals. I want to carry the party in peace, spend a nice birthday day, having peace and quiet with DeysiI don’t want to be attacked either (…) What I’m looking for is peace of mind, that she feels good and so do I.

An act of violence should not be normalized, be it a man or a woman, but hey, I think that this time, I am going to refrain from taking legal action for the moment, for now. That’s what I want, to be on good terms and have a nice day.

-What do you think of Grover Cotrina Torres, a young man who has been related to Deysi Araujo? Both have romantic conversations, as shown by Magaly Medina.

It is his personal life of Deysi. She is in her decision to establish a relationship. She is free to choose and free to love. I, for the moment, now feel good alone. I’m taking some time to be alone (…) In my professional and artistic goals.

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Jackson Torres reveals details of his new song ‘Buena muchacha’ with Nene Blass

On the other hand, Jackson Torres is getting ready for the launch of ‘good girl‘ together with Nene Balss, a well-known urban singer with whom he hopes to ‘break it’ and continue to grow artistically. This time, she spoke to The popular on this new theme that will be released on April 26.

– Jackson, what’s coming this month? What are your next projects?

I’m telling you, I’m going to release a song with a well-known reggaeton singer, his name is ‘Baby Blass’, is the one who sings the ‘Noche de Soltería’ or ‘Te pegas de sana’. We have released a song called ‘Good girl’. It’s a kind of reggaeton with Argentine cumbia, a mix. It is something that we are innovating here that there is not yet that rhythm here.
We are going to premiere that song on the day April 26.

Jackson Torres prepares a new song with Nene Blass.

Later, I still have my own songs for the end of the month. Some songs that I’m still seeing with my producer. It’s part of my hobby, it started as a hobby and has become a bit more of a professional interest. Trying to improve and work cooperatively with other artists who join and teach me. It’s part of learning from your experience of them.