Janet and Brunella interview Hernán Barcos about his trip and he SHOCKS them: “I’m not there anymore” [VIDEO]

Fire! Hernán Barcos is enjoying a well-deserved vacation after winning with Alianza Lima in League 1 for the second consecutive year, and the hosts of america today They wanted to interview him. However, things did not turn out as they thought.

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In the latest edition of the América TV program, this Thursday, November 24, they linked up with the Argentine soccer player, who is on a well-known beach abroad, and nothing happened as planned.

Initially, Janet Barboza admitted she was “nervous” about interviewing Hernan Boatsand asked him about his trip, to which he responded without problems.

“We were in Jamaica for a few days, now we are in the Turks. Enjoying these 15 days, because we were in a hectic year,” he said, and Brunella Horna asked him for details about his days in Jamaica, just when he had said that he no longer I was there.

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Hernán Barcos spoils America Today

Faced with these doubts about your trip, Hernan Boats He corrected the hosts of América Hoy LIVE, clarifying that he was no longer in Jamaica, but in Turks & Caicos, a different island.

This led to Ethel Pozo publicly apologizing to the athlete, and questioning ‘Miguelito’, the member of the production of América Hoy who gave them the wrong information. Oops!