Janet Barboza angry with Rodrigo Cuba’s ampay: “He’s a two-legged rat” [VIDEO]

The host of shows, Janet Barboza, was quite upset with Rodrigo Cuba’s ampay, especially knowing that she is going to expect a baby next to Ale Venturo, who has been her girlfriend for 9 months. The ‘curls‘ had no qualms about describing the footballer as a ‘two-legged rat’.

YOU CAN SEE: Janet Barboza attacks Rodrigo Cuba: “There are cats dressed in sheep’s clothing that are true wolves”

It was on the show America Today that the subject of Rodrigo Cuba‘s ampay was touched on last weekend and one of the people who was upset with this whole matter was Janet Barbozawho launched harsh qualifications against the footballer.

“The psychologist has just told us that she controls herself not to talk about this man, but I don’t, because I’m angry, I’m unleashed, Gato Cuba, to me you’re an eyesore, a two-legged rat,” she said, quite annoyed. Janet Barbosa.

The ‘Retoquitos’ has criticized Gato Cuba on several occasions like other celebrities, but at that time she was upset that she had done the same thing that Melissa Paredes did now to Ale Venturo, her current girlfriend and mother of your future baby.

YOU CAN SEE: Janet Barboza on confrontations between Melissa Paredes and Gato Cuba: “It has no limits” [VIDEO]

Janet Barboza attacks Rodrigo Cuba after giving an interview: “He already liked having the camera on him”

Do not tell him! Rodrigo Cuba is on everyone’s lips after giving an interview where he spoke for the first time about Anthony Aranda, Melissa Paredes’s partner, and Janet Barboza had a lot to say about it when she spoke.

“Cuba Cat already liked having followers and having the camera, the attention, on him. Cuba Cat is also billing on social networks,” he said, questioning that the athlete now also generates profits from his appearances. oops!