Janet Barboza destroys Ethel Pozo LIVE: “Nobody has taken me out of their circle like you”

They don’t let go! Ethel Pozo had a hard time months ago when Melissa Paredes screwed her LIVE by saying they weren’t such friends, and Janet Barboza won’t let her forget it.

In the latest edition of América Hoy, this Wednesday, December 29, which had been previously recorded, a note of the 2021 scandals was issued, and this triggered a series of comments.

Ethel Pozo assured that Janet barboza lost more friends than her this year. “Ma’am, you have lost more friends than me, but look at Natalie (Vertiz). At the fair they make me play Melissa’s joke,” he said.

However, the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel did not wait for what would come, because true to her style, the ‘Rulitos’ did not keep anything and responded with everything, remembering what happened with the choteada of Melissa Paredes.

“Nobody has taken me out of their circle like you,” he said. Janet barboza laughing, while Ethel Pozo she was uncomfortable. Oops!

Ethel Pozo denies that her new figure is due to ‘retouching’: “I’m at the nutritionist”

Ethel Pozo She assured that she is following a strict diet and that is why she has lost weight during the Myth or Truth segment in America Today, thus ruling out any LIVE ‘retouch’.

“Myth, because every time you eat in the kitchen I can’t, a myth because I’m in the nutritionist and it’s on my social networks,” he also said.