Janet Barboza shows her face for Brunella Horna before Camila Ganoza: “She is a wonderful and hard-working woman”

He gave her all his support. Brunella Horna surprised more than one by announcing her resignation from América Hoy, after being absent for several days amid controversial complaints from Camila Ganoza, who accused Richard Acuña of alleged physical, psychological and economic abuse. For thisJanet Barboza it was pronounced.

This time, the ‘curls‘ and her companions demonstrated moments before the popular ‘Baby Brune’ announced her indefinite departure from the morning magazine of América TV. Everything happened in the last edition of this Monday, April 17.

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“Brunella hasn’t come from now, it’s been three weeks now,” said Ethel Pozo, to which Janet Barboza joined, throwing flowers at Brunella Hornadespite what he said Camila Ganoza. “It’s been a sad, difficult three weeks, because we know Brunella, she’s a wonderful woman, a hard-working, chambeadora woman,” she said.

Given this, Giselo also praised Richard Acuna’s wife. “We’ve made such a nice group,” she said. “A week ago we went to her house, eaten with her (…) With Brunella Horna we have found a couple, she is a girl who is 25 years old, but sometimes I feel that. She is a girl who answers you if you have a problem, “he added the daughter of the ‘Señorito’.

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Janet Barboza appreciates the time she spent with Brunella Horna driving

Finally, Janet Barboza he could not stop showing his most affectionate side and thus he thanked the time he spent with Brunella Horna in driving america todaywhich was just over a year, as the young woman originally joined the cast in February 2022 to replace Melissa Paredes, who was separated by her ampay with Anthony Aranda when she was still married to Rodrigo Cuba.

“Ethel I subscribe to each one of the person (…) We were fortunate and we are fortunate to share with a wonderful woman, she has experience, wisdom, she is mature and a very good person,” he said, to which Giselo joined. “My bubu you are like my little sister,” ended Edson Dávila.