Janet Jackson was affected by the accusations against her brother Michael

The first trailer for Janet, the documentary about life, has just been released Janet jackson. This Lifetime and A&E production focuses on shredding the most important chapters of the career and personal life of the sister of Michael jackson.

Precisely, in the released trailer, you can see Janet talking about one of the hardest chapters of her life: the accusations of child sexual abuse against the interpreter of “Thriller”.

In the trailer, Jackson confirms that Michael and Randy were his two favorite brothers, and with whom he was closest. When asked about how the allegations Michael received while he was still alive affected him, regarding certain inappropriate behavior with minors, he did not hesitate to give an almost immediate answer.

“I feel guilty by association, because that’s what they call it, right?” He said.

This production was recorded in 2018 and announced in March 2020. The documentary also highlights the controversial halftime show at the 2004 Super Bowl, alongside Justin Timberlake. Also, a conversation is revealed in which Jackson is invited to participate in the event with the pop singer.

“They build you,” Jackson says in the trailer. In addition, it refers to the headlines that were published after the event. “Jackson kicked out of the Grammys after Super Bowl stunt,” it reads. “And once you get there, they are so quick to take you down,” he continues.

The documentary tries to address all facets of the artist, from Jackson’s maternal side to his break with the music industry. Likewise, it features interviews from iconic pop culture legends such as Missy Elliott, Mariah Carey, Samuel L. Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, and Paula Abdul.

The first part of Janet will premiere on January 28 at 8 pm on the Lifetime and A&E network.