Janick Maceta and Andrés Wiese confirm romance, here the tests of Love and fire [VIDEO]

They do not deny it, nor confirm it. Let us remember that the Amor y Fuego program showed the possible romance between Janick Maceta and Andrés Wiese in a preview that they released through their social networks during this last weekend announcing more images that would prove something much more than a friendship. But, before this the ‘Bicentennial Queen’ She had already been consulted about it, and she never denied that love was born with ‘Ricolas’.

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“It’s time to see Miss Peru, now from last year, Janick Maceta. The image that everyone wants to see, the images that everything is waiting for on the screen, on the phone, through wherever they turn on,” was the promotion made by the show host Rodrigo Gonzalez before sending the images that would confirm the beginnings of a relationship.

And after more than three hours waiting for the exclusive of Amor y Fuego, the public of the show space of Willax TV He could see the trust that both Janick Maceta and Andrés Wiese would have would show that love would be in the air. But that wasn’t all, because they weren’t just going out like two strangers learning to get to know each other, a fact that was refuted by the tight waist that the interpreter of the background there is room did to the beauty queen.

“The images that everyone wants to see have arrived, the evidence that would confirm that ‘Ricolás’ is sending the pack to ex-beauty queen Janick Maceta, you wanted evidence, here you have it (…) he took an advanced position, he already said that was in a new beginning, will that new beginning include controlling his emotions and the pleasure he feels for sending pictures while he has a girlfriend? I hope so, “said the popular Teddy.

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Who is Janick Maceta’s ex-boyfriend?

The former beauty queen Janick Flowerpot had a relationship with the audio engineer also identified on Instagram as ‘Brother Rich’, who dedicated loving messages after passing through the Miss Universe contest. But that was not all after arriving in Peru, the “Queen of the Bicentennial” revealed in an interview with the journalist Magaly Medina that her boyfriend was approved by her mentor Jessica Newton.

“She met him, yes (Jessica to her. I’m still single for five years, without a ring, I have a lot to do, I have to focus,” confessed the former Miss Peru Universe, who denied that she was going to get engaged or married for a long time. But, love would have ended in March 2021.