Janick Maceta and Andrés Wiese: How did they meet and why don’t they make their relationship official?

Rumors of a possible romance between the former Miss Peru, Janick Maceta and actor Andrés Wiese are getting stronger after being seen together twice: once in a restaurant and once in a luxurious hotel in Paracas. However, so far, neither of them has been encouraged to answer if they are a couple and less to make it official.

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Janick Flowerpot, today a member of the jury of “Yo soy kids” and Andrés Wiese, whom we see in the TV series “Junta de Vecinos” would make a beautiful couple. For this reason, in this note from El Popular we tell you how they met and why they did not make their “relationship” official.

How did Janick Maceta and Andrés Wiese meet?

From what little is known, Janick Flowerpot Y Andres Wiese They would have met through Instagram. Both would have started following each other and giving “Like” to their publications. These notifications were so frequent that they caught the attention of the “Amor y Fuego” program.

But that’s not all, because the coincidences between the Instagram stories of Janick Maceta and Andrés Wiese would also have generated curiosity. Before being caught together, the former Miss Peru and the actor published a story in the same place.

Later, after the ampays, Janick Flowerpot He would not have limited himself to reacting to Andrés Wiese’s publications, so he gave him a “Like” when he wrote: “We all have the right to start over.”

Why don’t Janick Maceta and Andrés Wiese make their relationship official?

Even if Janick Maceta and Andres Wiese they are getting to know each other, it is impossible to know if they are already a couple. The truth is that they have been seen together twice. In the first, Andrés Wiese was seen grabbing Janick Maceta’s waist in a restaurant; while in the second ampay they were captured in a luxurious hotel in Paracas.

Apparently, Janick Maceta and Andres Wiese they would prefer everything to be very secret, since they are public figures and at least she has not been involved in scandals; unlike him, who was accused of asking his fans for photos and branded a stalker by his former co-worker, Mayra Couto.

For now and after the ampays of “Amor y Fuego”, Andres Wiese He has left forceful messages on his Instagram account. “Silence is not always granted. Sometimes he just doesn’t want to argue with idiots,” was what he wrote on his social network.

What does Janick Maceta think about Andrés Wiese?

For its part, Janick Flowerpot has been asked about Andres Wiese. The program “Amor y Fuego” called her to consult her, after the constant “I like you” that were on her Instagram by the actor; However, she excused herself from responding because she was a Latina figure.

“Ah, you know that I can’t testify for the program,” Janick Maceta said with a laugh, later adding: “I’m with another house… but in any case, I appreciate the intention of your call.”

However, at the insistence of the “Amor y Fuego” reporter, Janick Flowerpot ended up praising Andrés Wiese. “Eh, well they have talent… of course,” he replied. According to Rodrigo González, the former Miss Peru would be hiding something, because at the beginning she had been willing to respond.