Janick Maceta proudly celebrates her mother’s graduate degree with an encouraging message: “It is never too late.”

Former Miss Peru Janick Maceta has been the subject of news in recent weeks after her arrival at the table of the jury of I am, great international battles, because, by showing this new musical facet not known by many of her followers, she has called the attention of the entertainment press. Likewise, the renowned model has starred in various confrontations with her fellow jury members and the hosts of the Latina program, generating controversy and unleashing laughter on the television set.

However, today, December 10, Janick Maceta is not the one who is in the spotlight, but his mother, Doris del Castillo who, according to the words expressed by the sound engineer, has just obtained a postgraduate degree in literature.

A few moments ago, the former Peruvian beauty queen used her social networks to congratulate her mother on her latest achievement.

Through a publication that she posted on her official Instagram profile, Janick dedicated emotional and encouraging words to Doris del Castillo, also mentioning how proud she is of her recent recognition.

Mommy, my everything, you are the perfect example that it is never too late to achieve your dreams. Congratulations on your graduate studies in Literature. I am so proud of you … I love you with all my heart “ You can read the accompanying description of a snapshot in which Janick appears posing with his mother Doris on the set of I am, great international battles.

During the December 4 broadcast of I am, great international battles, the sound engineer confessed that the songs of the band Amen reminded her of her high school stage, where she was rejected on several occasions.

I sang it to that crush, that love that never paid attention to me“, Held. “Believe it or not, they ignored me, they cheated on me,” added the former beauty queen.

Janick Maceta did not reveal the name of the person in question, but decided to send him a forceful message. “You missed it,” said the reality jury.