Japan: They criminally charge the alleged murderer of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe 6 months after the crime

This Friday, January 13, the Japanese Prosecutor’s Office charged the 42-year-old suspect, identified as tetsuya yamagamito assassinate the former prime minister shinzo abe at a rally in Nara, on July 8, 2022. After a psychological evaluation, they determined that the defendant is fit to stand trialaccording to local media reports.

Yamagami, who will now be transferred to a police station in Nara, faces charges of murder and violation of gun control laws, according to the daily. Yomiuri and the agency kyodoand could face the death penalty if convicted.

So far, the Nara District Prosecutor’s Office did not comment when consulted by AFP.

According to local media, Yamagami admitted to killing Japan’s former prime minister considering that he had ties to the Unification Church, to which his mother made large donations and caused his family to go bankrupt. In addition, the images taken at the time of the crime give him away, since he is seen firing what appears to be a homemade weapon.

However, Abe was not a member of the Unification Church. He only once addressed an affiliated group, as have other world leaders, such as the former US president donald trump.

The organization denied being involved in illegal activities, even vowing to avoid “excessive” donations from its members.

Inquiries after the death of the former official revealed close links between the church and many conservative lawmakers from the ruling party, including a minister who resigned. These results angered the country and affected the image of the management of the head of the Japanese Executive, Fumio Kishida.

As a reply, the government ordered an inquiry that could end the religious movement’s tax breaks and pushed through laws tightening the rules for religious donations.