Jasmine and Brunella remember their days as ‘reality girls’: “The worst competitors”

They weren’t good at all. Jazmín Pinedo and Brunella Horna today are driving More Shows together, but at the time they had their way through competitive reality shows, and they did not do well.

In the latest edition of the America TV, This Tuesday, January 4, the models spoke about their appearance in This is War and Welcome the Afternoon, and explained why they failed to stand out as competitors.

For its part, Brunella Horna She assured that she is good at sports, but her fears were stronger than her. “I have been the worst competitor in the world. I am not a bad athlete, I am fearful,” he said.

Given this, Jasmine Pinedo he agreed and remembered an episode he lived with the ‘Baby Bru’. “I remember when Nicola Porcella put him on, he was really scared,” he said.

Brunella Horna He recalled the moment that ‘Chinita’ mentioned and assured that until now he is afraid of heights. “I had a panic of heights. It’s not that I don’t want to, there is something that doesn’t let you,” he said.

For its part, Jasmine Pinedo He assured that it would be laziness that did not let him succeed in EEG. “I’m not scared, but I’m lazy, so you would start running for two hours and now I was calling the ambulance,” he said. Do you agree?

Brunella Horna on Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda: “The relationship is official”

In the same edition of More Shows, Brunella Horna She was surprised after the image of Melissa Paredes Y Anthony Aranda in the New Year, and assured that they would have already made it official.

“Another couple that we did not see is Melissa and the dancer, because with the photo … I was with his family. The relationship is official,” said Richard Acuña’s partner.