Jasmine believes that Melissa and the Cat could be friends in the future: “The important thing is the little one”

Will they get this close? Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba are already divorced and making their own lives, but Jazmín Pinedo made it clear that both could get closer again in the future.

As is known, the Cat Cuba was supported by Ale Venturo on the beach and within hours of these events, images of Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda were released together on New Years, so the ‘Chinita‘he couldn’t stop speaking.

It all happened in the last edition of More Shows this Tuesday, January 4. The program shared a note of the events that occurred in the ex-partner’s love life, and Jasmine Pinedo he said what he thinks.

The driver assured that despite being with other people after her divorce, Melissa Paredes Y Rodrigo Cuba they should give priority to their My daughter, and they should not only smoke the pipe of peace, but even become friends.

“Whoever Melissa is with, and whoever Melissa is with, the most important thing is the little girl. Who knows and later they can be friends,” said Gino Assereto’s ex-partner.

Hearing her, Brunella Horna agreed with Jasmine Pinedo and made a request to both Melissa Paredes, like Rodrigo Cuba. “Time to time, and when your relationship is more stable, there introduce the children,” he concluded.

Brunella Horna on Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda: “The relationship is official”

In the same edition of More Shows, Brunella Horna She was surprised after the image of Melissa Paredes Y Anthony Aranda in the New Year, and assured that they would have already made it official.

“Another couple that we did not see is Melissa and the dancer, because with the photo … I was with his family. The relationship is official,” said Richard Acuña’s partner.