Jasmine cries for Gino ?: “If you want to tell someone you love them, do it. I say it from experience “

An unexpected moment. Jasmine Pinedo has been single for almost two years after ending her romance with Gino Assereto at the beginning of 2020, and this fact would still have affected her, as evidenced LIVE.

In recent days, the popular ‘Chinita‘has been serving as a host in Más Espectáculos, and has caused a lot of talk when referring to her relationship with the father of her daughter Khaleesi.

Jasmine Pinedo first she said that she “cried” to Gino Assereto to take pictures together, but that he agreed when it was too late, and then surprised by revealing that he abandoned her on New Years.

Now, the driver could not help but be moved when she commented on the distancing of families or couples due to certain problems, specifically she spoke of the case of the Loza sisters.

This Thursday, January 6, in More Shows, Jazmín Pinedo She recalled the reconciliation between Melissa and Spheffany Loza, which took place LIVE during a broadcast of This is War, and was surprised to talk about herself.

The former reality girl referred to her love life and made a LIVE mea culpa about a past relationship. “If there’s something you’re keeping to yourself, this is the time to let it go,” he said, without mentioning details.

“If you feel like telling someone that you love them, don’t wait until tomorrow, because you can stay with the desire, and I say this from my own experience. Time is always a good cure, “he added. Jasmine Pinedo with a broken voice.

Jazmín Pinedo knew of problems between Andrea Luna and Pietro Sibille: “It was complicated for her”

Jasmine Pinedo He compared himself to Reinaldo Dos Santos by saying that he saw the accusations coming between Andrea Luna and Pietro Sibilletras meeting her in a store.

“I saw the truth coming, I met once in a clothing store and I already saw the future, what Reinaldo Dos Santos, Jazmín Pinedo,” said the host