Jasmine Pinedo advises Gato Cuba to listen to his father about Ale Venturo and avoid more mistakes

Let the past serve as an example. In the latest edition of ‘More Shows‘The driver Jazmín Pinedo left with everything and with the model Brunella Horna they talked about Ale Venturo and Rodrigo Cuba’s romance.

In the first instance, they argued that they look very good together since both are tender people, away from the screen and above all, who lead a very similar lifestyle.

However, they emphasized what ‘Don Gato’ would like for his son, referring to Rodrigo Cuba’s father, who, as is known, had many discrepancies with Melissa Paredes, his first-born ex-partner.

According to the presenters, the father of Rodrigo Cuba never happened to melissa so now Jasmine Pinedo He asked him to ‘open his ears’ and take into account what his father has to comment on.

Moreover, he dared to say that parents are a kind of seers who see the future, since everything would have been avoided if the Cuba cat heed your dad’s advice.

Ale Venturo ‘defends’ his romance with El Gato Cuba

Thus, when seeing the social networks of who would be the new love of Rodrigo Cuba , we observe a story where the lady publishes a quote from Gabriel García Márquez who defends love.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez He said: Neither love is a cage, nor freedom is being alone. Love is the freedom to fly together, it is to leave without possessing. And how right in his words ”, it reads.