Jasmine Pinedo and Brunella Horna remember their stage as reality girls

Jasmine Pinedo He appeared in a new edition of More shows with Brunella Horna and Ximena Dávila to comment on the latest events of the show business. Along these lines, the ‘Chinita’ referred to the successful tiktoks of characters from the show, the recently released photo of Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda at their New Year’s celebration and the bond that would be emerging between Ale Ventura, Natalie Vértiz’s best friend , and Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba.

After that, the host Jazmín and the panelist of the program Brunella Horna spoke about the competition reality show This is war and the characters that it housed during its first seasons. Likewise, the models recalled their passage through competitive reality shows, emphasizing that they did not do so well.

The former Miss Teen Peru Universe appeared on the program This is war in 2013, having to retire 2 years later, due to her pregnancy. For her part, businesswoman Brunella Horna was part of Latina’s reality show, Bienvenida la noche, several years ago.

Both spoke of their participation in these spaces and explained why they failed to stand out as competitors.

Richard Acuña’s partner claimed to be good at sports; However, his fears played a trick on him during his stay on the program hosted by Laura Huarcayo.

I have been the worst competitor in the world. I’m not a bad athlete, I’m scared”, He specified.

Faced with this, the ‘Chinita’ recalled an episode that she lived with Horna. “I remember when Nicola Porcella put him on, he was really scared,” he said. In this regard, the panelist said that to date she has a phobia of heights. “I was terrified of heights. It is not that I do not want to, there is something that does not leave you, “he said.

Later, the television host stated that it was laziness that did not let her succeed in This is War.

“Me I’m not scared, but I’m lazy, so you would start running for two hours and I was calling the ambulance”Said Jazmín Pinedo.