Jasmine Pinedo asks that please do not upload her photo of the tremor: “I came out in a bra” [VIDEO]

This Friday, January 7, Jazmín Pinedo, Yaco Eskenazi and Natalie Vértiz were commenting on how they lived their experience with the earthquake this morning and when they had to narrate what happened, they all laughed.

“Mine was shameful, I only ask my neighbors for a favor, the six people that I crossed paths with, do not record me and if they recorded me, do not upload it because really, I came out in a bra, what happens is that Laura is She is staying at my house, we sleep in calatas and suddenly trembling … “, the driver commented in the first place, a little arrogant

“Did the nanny also come out as a stuffed animal?” Yaco Eskenazi said with a laugh, causing Natalie to be a little indignant, but not holding back the laughter of what happened.

“I just thought that I hope they don’t record us, I lowered my daughter with one arm, when I realized it he told me he was hanging her,” he said for his part Jasmine Pinedo revealing that when she checked the security cameras she was shocked by what happened.

Gino Assereto had an emotional reunion with his mother after 5 years and his daughter celebrated: “The titi arrived!”

Gino Assereto is on everyone’s lips after Jazmín Pinedo assured that he abandoned her on New Year’s Eve, but now she left everything behind to star in a moving moment with her mother after five years.

Jasmine Pinedo joined in the excitement for this arrival, as she shared images of her daughter Khaleesi, very happy to have her grandmother with her again. “The titi arrived!”, Said the little girl.

In the images, the child can be seen even refusing to sit down as she had been waiting for her father’s mother Gino Assereto for a long time at the door, until she was finally able to see her.