Jasmine Pinedo denies enmity with Michelle and even follows her live: “We are friends now”

Michelle Soifer was one of the special guests of + Espectáculos, late edition, after being announced with great fanfare a few days ago, making it clear that her relationship with Jasmine Pinedo is better than ever.

“What’s up?”, Asked the ‘China’ first and as if everything was fine between the two, the singer replied: “I’m fine Chinese,” which caused Yaco to be stunned.

“Do you talk to each other on Instagram too?” Asked the former EEG captain, to which they both replied: “Yes, of course, we follow each other,” and before this, Natalie Vértiz’s husband did not hesitate to add that it was an out-of-the-box situation. of the common for him.

After Michelle mentioned that she usually likes photos of Gino Assereto’s ex-partner, she was astonished live to see that he did not follow her back, so she decided to do it in front of everyone present.

“How can I not follow you? Live, watch,” she replied before mentioning that she would give ‘like’ to all his latest posts, clarifying that now that they are friends, there is no problem at all.

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Jazmín Pinedo feels ‘a woman of challenges’ after returning to television

Since he returned to driving, Jasmine Pinedo He has been achieving good harmony with the program + Espectáculos, from América TV, which he hosts together with Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi, and which replaces En boca de todos by vacations.

“The program is only for vacations of ‘On everyone’s lips’. I would love to stay longer, but everything is being evaluated, since I also have to see my studies; however, there are always proposals and we will see what will happen later” , he referred.

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