Jasmine Pinedo does not allow her daughter to have a cell phone: “That will be when she is 20”

He stood firm. In the latest edition of ‘More Shows’, today January 4, the popular host Jazmín Pinedo was accompanied by Brunella Horna with whom he spoke about the little ones that win the hearts of the followers on social networks.

The popular ‘chinita’ and the model highlighted the daughter of Maria Pia Copello who without a doubt is one of the most active daughters of show business in social networks for his unique personality.

Among the comments, they were also highlighting other little daughters of celebrities from the peruvian television what Jasmine Pinedo gave an accurate comment.

According to the host, her daughter is also very spirited to participate in her tiktok videos from her mother’s cell phone, despite this the ‘chinita’ has not given her her own cell phone.

“That will be when I am 20”, he is heard saying, emphasizing that his little daughter is still 6 years old, so he would not welcome her carrying a cell phone without supervision.

Jasmine Pinedo regrets conflicts between Florcita and Néstor Villanueva

Jazmín Pinedo expressed solidarity with the case of Florcita and Néstor Villanueva, as they are not having a good time in their marriage.

“Sometimes couples go through bad times. Each couple knows what their ways are, their rules and what their relationship is, but they already make you jealous for your work …”, he said.