Jasmine Pinedo regrets problems between Florcita and Néstor: “All couples go through bad times”

Was moved. Florcita Polo showed off without her wedding ring amid the problems with Néstor Villanueva, and Jazmín Pinedo could not stop speaking LIVE.

It all happened in the last edition of More Shows, this Tuesday, January 4. The host and Brunella Horna talked about the still couple after the kiss that she gave in a video clip. “Let’s hope they can fix it,” said the ‘Chinita’.

The popular ‘Baby Brune’ for her part does not see a future for romance, and recalled that Florcita Polo spent the New Year without Néstor Villanueva. “All work is going well, she does it as a Mariachi. The issue is how it goes as Florcita. If they have already spent a separate New Year,” he said.

For this reason, Jasmine Pinedo regretted the situation. “Sometimes couples go through bad times. Each couple knows what their ways are, their rules and what their relationship is, but you already get jealous for your work …”, he said.

“The worst thing is that the boy made fun of Nestor,” said Brunella Horna when talking about the singer with whom Florcita Polo kissed, and her partner only managed to say: “The singer took advantage”

“Susy must be ashamed,” he added. Jasmine Pinedo, and Richard Acuña’s girlfriend pointed out that Susy Díaz would not get along with Néstor Villanueva. “They did not get along with Nestor. You can see that he has a strong character,” he said. Oops!

Jazmín Pinedo knew of problems between Andrea Luna and Pietro Sibille: “It was complicated for her”

Jasmine Pinedo He compared himself to Reinaldo Dos Santos by saying that he saw the accusations coming between Andrea Luna and Pietro Sibilletras meeting her in a store.

“I saw the truth coming, I met once in a clothing store and I already saw the future, what Reinaldo Dos Santos, Jazmín Pinedo,” said the host