Jason Derulo’s fight after he was mistaken for Usher that was captured on video

What happens when you mistake Jason Durulo for another singer? Nothing good.

This was demonstrated after the singer star in a Fight at dawn on Tuesday, January 4, after being confused with the singer Usher. The case took place in a hotel from Las Vegas, United States.

While walking through the lobby, Jason was insulted by a man: “Hey Usher, you are a bitch”, the man was heard saying in the video captured by TMZ and without thinking twice, the artist advanced towards the aforementioned and hit him, throwing him down.

Then some people tried to take Jason away from the man who had cursed him. However, a second character emerged from melee and attempted to attack the singer, who quickly switched targets and hit him with another clenched hand. Just at that moment the security of the hotel to end the confrontation.

In another video, shot from a different angle, you can see the moment when the second man is hit by Jason Derulo. The two victims did not file complaints against the singer after the attacks; But according to TMZ, they can still file a lawsuit for up to a year.

None of those involved were reported to need special medical attention. For its part, Jason Derulo received an intrusion notification from the hotel and was evicted from the development facilities after the entire violent episode.