Javier Milei: “If the honest carried weapons, there would be less crime”

The elected national deputy of the city of Buenos Aires, Javier Milei defended on Monday, November 15, the possession of arms after a controversy in his celebration act, in which a custodian threatened his supporters with a pistol to reassure them after the elections in Argentina.

On Sunday, November 14 at the renowned Luna Park, in Buenos Aires, the followers of Milei they were celebrating the seat won by the figure of the La Libertad Avanza party, when a security man punctually threatened those in the front row.

“If the honest carried them, there would be less crime”, answered Milei although he condemned the attitude of the man who threatened to draw the weapon.

In dialogue with Urbana Play FM, Milei stated that “criminals do not care if there is permission or not to use weapons, therefore they carry them. And if you don’t allow the honest to have them, you leave them misaligned in terms of defense ”.

Milei, who has expressed her admiration for former US President Donald Trump, agreed with the second amendment of the United States that legalizes the use of weapons for civilians. “It is based on economic theory and above all on empirical evidence,” he said.

“American history shows that guns in the hands of the law make our community safer, not the other way around (…). One observes that in those states that do allow citizens to have their own weapons, the amount of crime is much lower, ”insisted the economist.

Nevertheless, there is no recent study that has demonstrated this assertion. And last year the United States registered a 30% increase in the homicide rate (21,500) compared to 2019.

On the other hand, Argentine President Alberto Fernández will face a Congress with strong parity between the ruling party and the main opposition, after the legislative elections on Sunday.

The ruling Frente de Todos coalition had a comeback in several districts compared to the setback in the September primaries, but it was not enough to retain a simple majority in the Senate (37 of 72 senators), losing six of the 41 seats it had.

According to projections, on December 10, when the new Congress takes office, the Chamber of Deputies will be polarized between the Frente de Todos bloc, with 118 seats, and the Juntos bloc, with 116 seats.

The novelty in Buenos Aires, the richest city in the country, with 2.8 million inhabitants, was the irruption of Milei, a 51-year-old ultra-liberal whose image grew as an iconoclastic leader of anti-political discourse, who obtained 17% of the votes.

With information from AFP

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