Jazmín Pinedo CLAIMS the producer LIVE and Rebeca Escribens la CUADRA: “Don’t be matched” [VIDEO]

Fire! Jazmín Pinedo and Rebeca Escribens are the hosts of the various news segments of shows dand America TVand this time they ended up starring in a curious moment LIVE.

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Everything happened because of the producer of both, Luis Otani Cano. In the last edition of More Shows, ‘Doña Rebe’ She arrived as a special guest while “Chinita” and “Choca” Mandros made their space, without knowing what would happen.

Rebecca Writens He complained about having to replace Valeria Piazza in América Espectáculos, noon edition. “I don’t want to talk, I don’t want to be here, they don’t pay me, but I have to stay for that little girl who got married,” she said.

Given this, ‘Choca’ Mandros put her in evidence. “You don’t do that replacement for free, how many vacation days will you have redeemed,” he said, and this shocked Jasmine Pinedo.

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Rebeca Escribens blocks Jazmín Pinedo

Upon learning that his partner would have received these vacation days, Jasmine Pinedo claimed the producer Luis Otani LIVE. “You do that? I’ve been conned,” she pointed out, not expecting what Rebecca Writens I would say. “Don’t be even,” she stated.

Despite this harsh comment, Gino Assereto’s ex-partner was not upset and clarified that ‘Luchito’ had conceited her, despite the fact that he did not want to give her a vacation. “They only took me to Argentina for a week and we had a good time, we went to a disco,” she said.