Jazmín Pinedo indignant with Gino Assereto for leaving her alone on New Year’s Eve: “She had left”

Last Monday, January 3, Jazmín Pinedo spoke with Yaco Eskenazi and Natalie Vértiz about the New Year’s celebrations. The former reality girl commented with great regret that she fell asleep at 10 p.m., which caused Eskenazi’s surprise.

“Chinita, you had a party, a meeting,” he commented, surprised.

“Yes well, but I didn’t get up, do you want me to tell you what happened?” Said the model indignantly.

Thus, the host made a revelation in + Shows when she said that she could not celebrate the New Year as she had planned because of Gino Assereto.

The influencer reported for the cameras that she organized a dinner with her family and then attended another engagement with the former reality boy.

“I had dinner with my lifelong friends, but I wanted to be with my chubby (his daughter). So, I organized a beautiful lunch with my family to spend the night with my chubby girl and leave. I tell Gino: ‘The baby’s tummy hurts a little, I’m going to put her to bed for a little while, wake me up and let’s go,’ ”the model began.

However, what Pinedo it was not expected was that Gino disappear without waking her.

“I got up at three in the morning, I was alone, my daughter was sleeping and Gino had left,” the driver recalled sadly for having missed the meeting with her friends.

Speaking of couple events, Yaco Eskenazi took the opportunity to comment on a custom that makes him uncomfortable in a certain way. The former reality boy commented on what Natalie Vértiz does every time they are invited to a social gathering.

“It’s a classic Natalie: ‘Love, we’re going to this party, I want to go, please, we have to go, it’s a super event,'” Yaco told how Natalie convinced him.

“It takes me a while to change, tightening my jacket that I hate him, I arrive (at the event), (Natalie) takes three photos at the event and tells me: ‘I’m dead,'” the actor finished with a laugh.