Jazmín Pinedo on Austin Palao and Flavia Laos: “What a coincidence” [VIDEO]

Something would not add up to him. In the last edition of América Espectáculos, the host Jazmín Pinedo presented the note about the reunion of Austin Palao and Flavia Laos who spent the New Year together.

According to the popular ‘chinita’ while talking with her production team, it seemed a coincidence that both were together since they have something in common.

It should be remembered that Austin Palao was the ex-partner of Luciana Fuster and Flavia Laos was the former partner of Patrick Parodi, to which the question of many was why did they get together?

Some exposed that after the supposed romance that would maintain Luciana with Patricio, her exes decided to get together and decide to have a good time as a way to leave them behind.

Faced with these rumors, Jasmine Pinedo He continued to question this atypical meeting that left more than one with their mouths open, however, he left the answer open, since none of them spoke.

Flavia Laos prefers distance with Luciana Fuster

Flavia’s face during these consultations were not the best, however, everything showed more when they asked her about Luciana Fuster, where she gave a funny and surly expression.

“With Luciana … this … I have nothing to say about the truth,” he said and then continued to affirm that despite all the criticism, he will continue to see his ex’s family.

“They are my family, I love them very much, I missed seeing the whole family and that is not going to change, I am still firm with my decision,” she declared safely.