Jazmín Pinedo on the crisis between Flor Polo and Néstor: “Let’s hope they can solve it”

Although the end of the year holidays are a special date for many families, Nestor Villanueva and Flor Polo spent these festivities apart, which confirmed their temporary separation. The cumbiambero spent it in Chancay next to his parents, while Florcita was next to his mother, Susy Diaz.

This has generated that diverse personalities of the world of the spectacle gave their opinion on what would be this rupture. For example, Jazmín Pinedo and Brunella Horna touched on this theme during the most recent edition of América Espectáculos. The former reality girls wished their problems would be solved soon for the sake of their children.

“Hopefully they can fix it. Sometimes couples go through good times and bad. In other words, it does not have to be the end point necessarily, “explained the driver today.

Likewise, Jazmín Pinedo stressed that the singer is working as a mariachi during these days and that he could be practicing to soon serenade his still wife.

Néstor Villanueva spoke of his relationship with Flor Polo and denied that they are permanently separated. The singer assured that at the moment they are going through a relationship problem, like all the others.

“What happens is that having a family or a relationship is a bit complicated. Who has not had, suddenly, problems, inconveniences at home “, he specified for Trome.