Jazmín Pinedo on the Loza sisters: “Everything is discussed and nothing lasts forever”

Jasmine Pinedo He commented with Yaco Eskenazi and Natalie Vértiz how the reconciliation between Melissa and Tefa Loza took place in the middle of the program This is war live. Thus, the former reality boys were very sensitive and decided to advise viewers to put aside pride and seek to solve family problems.

In that sense, the television presenter Jazmín Pinedo commented: “After all that we are experiencing, if there is something that you are keeping, this is the moment to let it go. If you feel like telling someone that you love them, don’t wait for tomorrow, because, probably, you can stay with the desire. How many people have lost a relative and wanted to tell him something. Do not be left with the desire, release everything you have. The good and bad. Everything is discussed and nothing lasts forever. Time is always a good cure ”.

Meanwhile, the captain of the warriors asserted: “That first meeting of them was very crazy. I remember that, as soon as it arrived (the moment of the meeting), the atmosphere felt tense and they both had to do a circuit. So, Melissa wins and, when I go to hug her, I walked from outside Pachacamac to the set. She broke down and started crying with a lot of feeling, so I said to her: ‘friend, take this as an opportunity to get closer, right?’ Thank God, at a time when nobody thought about it, the two of them let go and were able to talk, and now they are enjoying their vacations. “

Former reality girl Jazmín Pinedo talked with her companions on the set in America shows about the relationship with her former lovers and if there could be a relationship of friendship between those who had this type of relationship.

In that sense, he confessed how his unexpected encounter with Jesús Neyra was: “On the Barranco boardwalk I was running, and I ran into my ex Jesus. I don’t remember what important date it was, and we hugged each other and said ‘let me go, they are going to record us’ ”.

The businesswoman Jazmín Pinedo told how the TikTok application has revolutionized in the lives of many well-known characters, and detailed the emotion that her little daughter felt when she found out that her mother had an account on said social network.

However, he made it very sure that she did not agree with giving an electronic device to her minor. That is why he pointed out: “He does not have a cell phone, he is 6 years old. That’s going to be when I’m 20 ″.