Jazmín Pinedo revealed the reason why she did not denounce the stalker despite knowing her identity

Jasmine Pinedo regretted the situation you are experiencing johanna san michael who on November 27 exposed, through her Facebook account, that a subject was harassing her on her social platforms. Of course, the “Chinita” was no stranger to this fact and she spoke in “More shows” to show solidarity with the case of her colleague.

After issuing a report containing data on the public complaint made by the “Mama lioness” and condemning this type of action by strangers who seek to disturb the tranquility of some people, the presenter set out to report a similar situation that she experienced some time ago.

“No one has to put up with this type of situation, much less through a coward. No one has the right to interrupt someone’s life or peace of mind in this way and of constantly offending you,” said the ex-model.

Jazmín Pinedo narrated that years ago she was also a victim of harassment and, upon discovering the identity of the person who defamed her, she wanted to take legal action. However, he gave up this possibility because the young woman’s mother begged him not to do it.

“Three years ago, I denounced that I was harassed by a young woman who did not measure consequences, who constantly defamed me on social networks,” the former avenger said at the beginning.

“Three and a half years later, I manage to find this girl. His mom begs me not to file the complaint. Me being a mom, I understand the position. The mother promised me that this would not happen again and yes, the truth is, until now it is being fulfilled and when it is not fulfilled, I will proceed with the legal actions that in the end is always the best, “added the ‘Chinita’.

A few days ago, Johanna San Miguel used her social platforms to report that an individual was sending her suggestive messages that made her uncomfortable. She made the name of the subject in question public and reminded her followers that they should not ignore this type of situation.

“This subject, whom I see is the father of a family, does not stop insinuating disgustingness and a half towards me and trying to denigrate me (…) None of us should put up with these types of comments. (…) Fear is the last thing I have of you, MACHO!”, reads the message from the also actress.