Jazmín Pinedo reveals that it squared Dr. who said how many operations he had: “They apologized to me”

Upset. This is how Jasmine Pinedo showed herself this afternoon in More shows And it is that after having seen a note that reminded him of a bad doctor, he decided to reveal how he faced it after he bet on saying everything that she had supposedly done to her body and face.

“What I did see was that gentleman and I thought I think I have seen him before on a television program talking nonsense, you have to be very careful with the doctors you treat yourself,” China commented in the first place and when asked about it, he continued.

“What happens is that I was watching America Hoy and I saw a doctor saying that I had operated on my nose, lip, eyebrow, ear, well the teeth are fake, why am I going to fool them? I wrote to the clinic and asked to make an appointment with that doctor, they told me I couldn’t, but I insisted and said that I wanted him to check me from head to toe and say if the atrocities he sees on television are real, there we could fix ” added.

Upon hearing this anecdote, Natalie and Yaco were stunned and none of them expected something like this to happen because of a comment on television.

“I will never raise the false ones to the china … a rich patchworker”, mentioned Natalie Vértiz’s husband without believing what he had just said.