Jazmín Pinedo reveals that she went out in her underwear after a strong shaking: “It was embarrassing”

The 5.6 magnitude earthquake that was felt during the morning of Friday, January 7, in much of the Peruvian capital scared a good part of the population, and the figures of the show were the exception. Proof of this was what was reported by Jazmín Pinedo, during the program + Espectáculos, hours after having felt the telluric movement.

The former reality girl talked with Yaco Eskenazi and Natalie Vértiz about her experiences with the recent earthquake, before which she confessed ashamed to have put herself safely, but in underwear. “Mine was shameful,” admitted the presenter

“I really ask my neighbors for a favor, the six people that I crossed paths with: don’t record me, and if they recorded me, then don’t upload it. I came out in a bra “, revealed Pinedo.

The driver explained that, due to the heat she feels at night due to the summer, she and the friend who is staying at her house decided to sleep with few clothes.

“Laura is staying at my house for a few days and the three of us were there: one in shorts, the other too, me in a bra, because it was hot. As never sleeping calatas ”, the model continued recounting.

Jasmine He gave more details of his reaction when he felt the tremor and said that it was his nanny who alerted them to the earthquake with a loud scream. He also made a request live to his neighbors.

“We went out into the corridor and people came out and I said, ‘My God, please don’t record us.’ I grabbed Khalessi, my daughter is giant, I don’t know how I picked her up (…). But please, if they recorded me, don’t upload it, I was dying of shame, “added the influencer with a laugh.