Jazmín Pinedo told unpublished details of her meeting with her ex-partner Jesús Neyra

Jasmine Pinedo He recently told, in América shows, that he maintains a good relationship with Jesus Neyra and that for that reason he does not hesitate to greet him every time he meets him.

“On the Barranco boardwalk I was running and I ran into my ex Jesus. I don’t remember what important date it was, and we hugged each other and said ‘let go of me, they are going to record us,’ “said the popular Chinese girl.

On the other hand, the former reality girl Jazmín Pinedo added that she usually gets along very well with two of her ex-partners. This is the case of Gino Assereto, father of her daughter, and actor Jesus Neyra. “For example, I get along well with my daughter’s father. I have had three love affairs and I get along well with two ”, he pointed out.

On the last Monday, January 3 in América shows, the host Jazmín Pinedo confessed that she fell asleep at 10 pm and that is why she could not celebrate the arrival of the new year as planned.

The model pointed out that because of Gino Assereto I can’t celebrate as I originally wanted. “I got up at 3 in the morning, I was alone, my daughter was sleeping, and Gino had left,” the driver sadly recalled for having missed the meeting with her friends.

America TV host Jazmín Pinedo said she does not consider it appropriate for her little daughter to have access to social networks for now.

The model commented on the public figures who perform tiktoks in the company of their children. In that sense, he highlighted how easy it is for children to memorize dialogues and dances from the platform on TikTok. However, he revealed that his daughter only uses her phone, as she does not have one of her own. “He doesn’t have a cell phone, he’s 6 years old (…). That’s going to be when he’s 20, “Pinedo said.