Jazmín Pinedo: what is the difference in age you have with your Uruguayan lover?

The television host Jasmine Pinedo presented his new relationship with the Uruguayan businessman Pedro Araujo. The announcement was made through Instagram, a platform on which The former reality girl reposted a photo of her recent partner. After her break with her daughter’s father, Gino Assereto, a formal romance has not been known to the ‘Chinita’, since since the 2018 he has not been seen romantically linked.

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Who is your new partner and how old are they?

Her new boyfriend is the Uruguayan businessman Pedro Araujo, whom she met at her sister’s wedding because he is her brother-in-law’s cousin. The peculiarity in this recent romance is that both are 32 years oldwhereby there is no age difference between them despite the fact that he was rumored to be younger than her.

According to Jazmín Pinedo, he is not linked to show business nor is he an actor, but he is his own boss and has the free will to decide schedules, so he has enough time to share with her.

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Gino Assereto pronounces himself by Jazmín Pinedo’s new partner

The reality boy and father of Jazmín Pinedo’s daughter pointed out, after a question from Johanna San Miguel about it, that he no longer loves “China” and wishes her the best in their relationship because her happiness comes first. In addition, in this way, any opportunity for both to resume their love affair has been ruled out, as was rumored in 2022.