Jazmín Pinedo’s controversial comment defending Richard Acuña: “Gino, I’m going to sue you”

The host Jazmín Pinedo had some controversial comments in defense of Richard Acuña when her family problems were mentioned years ago, which were the reason for criticism of her on social networks, because she even indicated that she would sue her ex-partner Gino Assereto, with whom he has a daughter. Looking for new benefits?

It should be noted that at the moment he maintains a good parental relationship with the ‘This Is War’ participant, whom he has not hesitated to defend when he has the opportunity, despite the fact that he is already in a sentimental relationship with Pedro Araujo. What did she say about the Richard Acuña case? We tell you the details, here.

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Did Jazmín Pinedo act in defense of Richard Acuña?

The statements belong to 2017, when she was the host of shows in Latina and the photograph that Brunella Horna It was taken in the house that Camila Ganoza bought, giving a comment similar to the one that the hosts of “América Hoy” issued today.

“Here we all want to marry Richard Acuña and that he divorces us from there,” was the controversial comment issued at the time by the popular ‘Chinita’although back then it was not as criticized as it is now.

It is important to clarify that it is currently host on América TVbut he has not spoken with strong comments about the situation that the newlyweds are facing, after the complaint by the mother of the last daughter of the former congressman in the Peruvian press.

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Does Jazmín Pinedo plan to denounce Gino Assereto?

As he did today, the former congressman sent the list of monthly payments he made to the mother of his last daughter, so that the show host had the details of his contributions as a father to divert attention from Brunella Horna.

“Richard Acuña sends this statement where he assumes that he gives him 10,000 soles a month, which also covers food, life insurance, personal mobility… and I say ‘listen to me Gino (Assereto) I’m going to sue you for psychological abuse too… “, mentions the host.

It should be noted that her expression was joking, so she did not have legal problems with her daughter’s father, but what is curious is the sentence with which she ended her statements: “Imagine how many women in this country live with a lot of less,” he said. Will he be against Camila Ganoza?

Jazmín Pinedo did not sue Gino Assereto. Source: Instagram.

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What did Magaly Medina say about Jazmín Pinedo’s statements?

The driver Magaly Medina He criticized the words that Jazmín Pinedo used at the time, in which he is shown in defense of Richard Acuña, although now he has not manifested himself in that way again.

“She behaved identically as we now see the little girls behave,” he said, referring to the phrase “Not all women are lucky enough to have a son from Richard Acuña.”