JB and the cast prepare a parody of Mark Vito and his physical change: “How do they do it?”

Jorge Benavides does not forgive anyone. True to his style, the comedian began to publish short videos on his social networks where they show his imitation of the images of Mark Vito and his changed body. The last of the videos suggests that this weekend we will have a new parody on his show.

Much has given to talk this week the reappearance of Mark Vito on social networks and his new physique, it is because of this that JB on ATV is expected to launch a parody of the transformation. Next to Andres Hurtado and his comedians, Jorge Benavides seems to presage the new sketch for today.

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All the comedians in black tank tops are showing off their biceps in the video, which is accompanied by the caption “How do they get such athletic bodies?” Thus, it also shows the businessman and driver Andres Hurtadowho would be the guest of the week on the show.

With this new sketch, Jorge Benavides He goes back to doing his thing to once again imitate Peruvian news, as curious as ever.

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JB also prepares a parody of Richard Acuña’s ampay

With the description “Drama as a field”, Jorge Benavides and his team of JB on ATVs also announced the parody of the latest disclosure made by Magaly TV The Firm. We are talking about all the ampay that generated the complaints of the ex-partner of Richard Acuna.