JB on ATV: Jorge Benavides made a radical decision with Dayanita

The absence of Dayanita in the recent edition of the JB space on ATV has generated many comments among fans of the Saturday program, many really wonder what happened to the beloved comedian who had won the affection of viewers. In this note we tell you everything.

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Everyone knows that Jorge Benavides is disciplined and methodical when it comes to work., his hand does not tremble to make decisions within his cast. And according to sources from El Popular, Dayanita was separated from the Saturday program by determination of the experienced imitator. The radical measure would have been due to an indiscipline that the comic actress would have committed.

It was learned that Max Orlando, his first name, did not answer the phone to the production of the program. What’s more, Jorge Benavides himself called her repeatedly to coordinate the recordings of the program this week that ends. But Dayanita never answered the calls and appeared on ATV on Wednesday to record the parodies as if nothing had happened.

JB met with her along with the production team, after talking and asking what happened to her, because they feared that something bad had happened to her, the prominent comedian decided to separate her from the cast. The drastic measure was taken because it was not the first time that Dayana had not communicated with the production, making excuses for personal problems. It is for this reason that he did not appear in the three parodies that the humorous space presented last Saturday.

It is worth mentioning that in mid-February, the comedian Marco Antonio Stefano known as Lucky, was also separated from JB on ATV, because the popular theater comedian opted for his tours abroad to be part of the cast led by Jorge Benavides.

Did they call a new comedian? In the absence of a character, it was learned that the production has contacted a comedian who has been gaining popularity, but she has not yet decided to work in JB because she currently works in a program that is broadcast on YouTube and it is a boom on the digital platform.

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