JB trolls Carlos Vílchez for his transfer to América TV: “In the end he always comes back”

He finally accepted it. Carlos Vilchez confirmed that he will leave ATV and Jorge Benavides did not hesitate to joke at the news. Both comedians spoke for the show “Magaly TV, the firm” and they made official what was already an open secret.

“I think it was already an open secret, confirmed by María Pía herself, who is going to work with him. It is not the first time (that I stop working with him). In the end she always comes back; the sorry dog ​​returns”, said the creator of Paisana Jacinta for the Magaly Medina program.

Recently the pre-sale of America TV and one of the surprises was that María Pía Copello will return to conducting in 2023 with a program at noon. However, what caught the most attention was that the presenter said that she would accompany Carlos Vílchez.

“No (I’ve worked with him), but we get along super well. There has been a lot of chemistry when I have visited his shows. There has always been a nice relationship. I celebrate everything with Carlos. It’s very funny,” said the former children’s entertainer.

It is constantly said that there would be an enmity between Carlos Vilchez and Carlos Álvarez who have worked with Jorge Benavides. Faced with doubts, the figure of “The Humor Vaccine” clarified the issue.

“I have no conflict with anyone. The only conflict I have is with the abuse, the injustice, with the lie. I wish the best successes to all my humor colleagues,” he said. alvarez. He also noted that their methods for filming skits are different and therefore they could not work together.