Jean Deza spent New Years with Gabriela Alava despite the end of their relationship

Jean deza He seemed to have settled down and got away from the scandals during the last months of 2021, since he let himself be seen very much in love with Gabriela Alava. The ex-footballer dedicated himself fully to his partner after announcing that he was leaving the practice of professional football at his short 28 years.

However, on December 16, 2021, the cameras of the Magaly medina they captured the controversial ex-player inside a hotel with a young woman who was not his girlfriend. To make matters worse, that same day, the former member of Alianza Lima showed off with his girlfriend during a nightly event.

After the images shown on Magaly TV, I signed it and, as expected, Gabriela alava and Jean Deza ended their relationship after the controversy. However, both young people have been seen again on more than one occasion: first a couple of days after Christmas and then on the eve of Christmas Eve shopping in a mall.

The Magaly Medina reporters even managed to get a few words out of the young woman. According to the player’s alleged ex-partner, both still had some commitments to fulfill.

Now, Instarándula showed through his stories on Instagram some short videos in which both Jean Deza and Gabriela Alava are appreciated receiving 2022 at full speed. Both did not show it on their respective social networks, but it was a friend of both who ended up betraying them.

“For her social networks, Gabriela spent her New Year without Jean Deza, but, apparently, the lovebirds are still closer together than ever despite Magaly’s ampay,” Samuel Suárez wrote in his virtual space.