Jean Ferrari confirmed that University will ask the FPF to postpone League 1

There are just over two weeks until League 1 Betsson 2022 begins and several teams in the local tournament have suffered casualties in the middle of the preseason as a result of infections by COVID-19. One of these is the University of Sports, which this Thursday, January 6, presented ten positives. Given this scenario, they decided to postpone the Cream Night and will ask the FPF to postpone the first date.

In dialogue with Soccer as a field, cream administrator Jean Ferrari confirmed that they will request the Federation to move the tournament to February. “Nor we know if the FPF is going to postpone the start of the tournament, maybe if it moves to February. We do not know anything, but we are going to request that it be postponed because positive cases worry us”, He began declaring.

Regarding the ten infected, the former merengue player said that next Monday “molecular tests will be carried out on the workers and soccer players of the club to see if there are more cases.” When asked about the postponement of the Night Cream Ferrari, he assured that this event will take place before the tournament starts, but first they have to ensure the health of the workers.

“QWe want to do the Cream Night prior to the start of the tournament. We do not have a tentative date, but we will see how the issue of infections is moving. We have to ensure the health of our workers“, he pointed.

Finally, he referred to the nationalization of Alberto Quintero. “It has a deadline of Wednesday of next week because we have to register all the players” and added that if this happens, they could add an offensive player.