Jean Ferrari dreams of knocking down Alianza and Cristal: “Never take the U for dead” [VIDEO]

League 1 enters the outcome with Alianza Lima, Sporting Crystal and University of Sports as great candidates to stay with the Closing Tournament. Faced with this scenario in which the creams start with a certain disadvantage, the temporary administrator Jean Ferrari clarified that they should not look over their shoulders at the student team and revoked the 90’s.

“Anything can happen, never give up on the U,” says Ferrari for Willax. “This kind of match (against Sporting Cristal) fills one with emotion, even more so because of the things that are at stake,” he said.

For the cream administrator, Universitario de Deportes arrives with full blood to face the last games he has in the championship, taking into account that he still needs to rest and has no margin for error.

“(…) But today, Universitario arrives with the knife between its teeth. It’s going to be a really nice game, I think we’re going to remember the 90’s when the classics, beyond that were the U vs. Alliance, the moderns appeared against Cristal”, he pointed out.

“Today we have to aim to win Sunday’s game and then we’ll see the table at the end,” he said. Regarding Alberto Quintero, he explained his injury: “I understand that it was a contracture, fortunately not a tear. These issues are already seen by the medical part, which works exceptionally. Hopefully he can arrive in top condition.”

“Piero Quise is a salable player. He is not formed yet ”

On the other hand, Jean Ferrari also spoke about the news of Piero Quispe, the cream promise that, despite not having minutes in the Peruvian team, scored a great goal with the merengue shirt.

“The fact that the goal has been opened is obviously a satisfaction for us, we see how he works to achieve it. He has been able to specify how well he plays with goals. The idea is that: to continue growing, perfecting itself; he is not yet a made player. He is a player who continues to improve, because as he improves he will position himself. And if he’s a player that’s positioned quickly, he’s obviously a marketable player for the next couple of years,” he said.

Finally, the administrator of Universitario de Deportes stated that they are in a position to sell Piero Quispe as long as the offer is good for him and the institution.

“Depending on the offers and proposals, one also evaluates; It may be that he finishes training in another place, but we have to see the protection of the footballer. We have had the opportunity to sell Alex Valera, very well. Today the possibility of Quispe is a reality. We know who is in the club, who we can sell, promote, and those who have reached the ceiling and those who have not, ”he concluded.