Jean Paul Santa María and his reaction to being consulted by Angie: “They are waiting for me, I have to fly”

He’s having a good time. Jean Paul Santa María, the brand new pull of The Great International Orchestrais very happy to return to the stage in a cumbia group and what better of the hand of christian dominguezwho has a lot of experience in music.

Speaking to The popularthe singer and comic actor stated that the relationship with Romina Gachoy it’s better than ever. “Super good,” he said calmly. However, he changed the expression on his face when he was consulted by Angie Jibaja, mother of his two eldest children. “Are things resolved?” asked the reporter.

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“I can’t answer you because I’m seeing the traffic lights. It’s not bad, but the boys (of the group) are waiting for me for the rehearsal and I have to fly. I thank you for your time,” replied Santa María, who is in a relationship stable with the Uruguayan model. “Thank God well, blessed,” he added when talking about his wife.

At another time, he was asked again about the “girl with the tattoos”, who cried when dedicating the song “Acrostic” to her children, whom she has not seen for a long time. “If you’ve seen the latest interviews, I avoid touching on topics that don’t have to do with my work and my personal development. That’s what I can answer you with great respect.”

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Did Jean Paul Santa María go out of tune in his first performance with La Gran Orquesta Internacional?

After applying for a job Jorge Benavides to join the cast of his program ‘JB en ATV’, Jean Paul Santa Maria was presented as the new member of the orchestra of christian dominguez. She appeared on ‘América Hoy’ and would have gone out of tune when singing ‘Viento’ by chacalon. Was it the nerves of the television debut?

“To give it my all, I already know working in a cumbia orchestra, so I’m happy to return to the stage and be in contact with the public. A lot of love is the best energy and I value it very much. Christian gives me his vote of confidence and what better than that”, he added to The popular. Today will be his first show as part of the group.