Jean Pierre Magnet: “I have received from heaven the gift of music”

The prominent national musician Jean Pierre Magnet and the Great band they return renewed offering a unique show for the whole family where they will perform the musical treasures of the geniuses Glenn Miller and Damaso Perez Prado.

In this spectacular staging there will be 4 trumpets, 3 trombones, 5 saxophones, piano, bass, drums and guitar that will delight the public who will enjoy the best of two greats of music such as the king of swing, Glenn Miller and the king of the mambo, Perez Prado.

“I have received the gift of music from heaven and I will share it forever. My mission in this world is to share and spread the music that goes directly to the heart. With the Big Band we interpret the melodies and rhythms that last a lifetime. For some, the Big Band experience will be new, but it will remain in their hearts forever,” he said.

In addition, as a surprise of the night and imposing a seal with his musical style, Jean-Pierre Magnet and the Big Band will perform versions of “Hey, how is it going” of Carlos Santanaas well as songs from the soundtrack of the Peter Gunn series.

The only two unmissable presentations will be on April 19 and 26 at The Barranco Station. Tickets can be obtained on the page or by calling 998353340