Jeff Bezos donated more than 260 million dollars in recent days

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos donated $ 100 million to the Obama Foundation owned by former US President Barack Obama. The contribution of the magician is the largest individual contribution that the organization has received since its creation in 2014, the institution reported last Monday.

The money given by Bezos is intended to “Help expand the reach of programming reaching emerging leaders” in the United States and around the world.

Bezos’ donation was made in honor of the congressman and civil rights activist John lewis who passed away in June of last year.

“Freedom fighters deserve a special place in the pantheon of heroes. I cannot think of a more suitable person to honor with this gift than John Lewis, a great American leader and a man of extraordinary dignity and courage, ”Bezos said, quoted in a statement from the foundation.

On Monday, the New York University Medical Center also announced that it received a donation of $ 166 million from Bezos and his family. In addition, he stated that the money will be used to help “to the health and well-being of diverse populations “.

Since Bezos left the Amazon presidency in 2013, he has been involved in various philanthropic endeavors. In 2020, it announced that in the next 10 years it would allocate 10 billion dollars to improve efforts against climate change through Bezos Earth Fund.

To date, the mogul has donated about 1% of his current net worth, taking into account only deliveries made overseas, according to Forbes magazine.