Jefferson Cáceres: “The psychological talks helped us a lot”

At the beginning of the year, the FBC Melgar club reported that the squad of players had received work talks by the sports psychologist Marcelo Roffé. One of the beneficiaries was Jefferson Cáceres 19-year-old soccer player, who had the chance to alternate in 11 games during 2021, including the Copa Sudamericana.

“For everyone it is important to be mentally well and know how to apply that on the field of play. It was very important to receive recommendations and teachings that allow us to improve our sports growth. What I rescue the most is the commitment that they instilled in each one of us ”, said the young footballer.

He plays as a right or left winger, in his position he has tough competition with some experienced ones like the Argentine Bordacahar or Vidales but he maintained that this does not daunt him because he knows that he can give more in each game. In addition, he affirmed that he trains hard to earn a position and not add in the bag of minutes just because the regulations require it.

Cáceres played the entire first friendly match of FBC Melgar against Cusco FC. In the attack he accompanied Sánchez, Bordacahar and Portugal. “The rival demanded a lot from us and that is good. We were able to draw conclusions to improve positions, ball circulation, defense and attack ”, he pointed out.

Finally, he highlighted Deportivo Pereira the rival with whom the team will appear in the so-called Rojinegra afternoon from FBC Melgar on January 15 at the UNSA Stadium. “Colombian football has a high level and it is certain that it will serve for us to draw conclusions about the work carried out to date,” he explained.

Other youth players that the rojinegros have in the first team are: Bruno Portugal, Matías Lazo Yimmy Gamero, Marcelo Cervantes, Pedro Ibáñez, Nicolás Figueroa, Kenjy Cabrera and Ricardo Bettocchi.