Jefferson Farfán confesses that not everything “is a brand”, he also wears Gamarra garments

Last year, Jefferson Farfán opened his official channel on YouTube, a platform in which he seeks to publicize a little more than his facet as an elite athlete. In her last video she talked about the expensive brands of clothing she wears; However, he confessed that ‘not everything is luxury’, because he also wears clothing from the Gamarra commercial emporium.

“I think it’s a matter of taste, of criteria, right? Yes, I love it. I like to look good, I love to dress well, but, just as I can do it with a good or exclusive brand, so to speak, I can also dress with a brand from Gamarra, Zara, H&M or any brand “ told the ‘Foquita’.

And he added that friends and family give him clothes from other firms. “I have a lot of clothes from those brands. My cousins ​​have brought me a lot Clothes from Gamarra and other friends have also given me clothes on other occasions. People think that everything is brand and not all brand ”.

The ’10’ of the Peruvian team closed 2021 training with Alianza Lima for the 2022 season of League 1 and Copa Libertadores. After the respective work, the ‘Foquita’ used his social networks to make a publication in which a peculiar message can be read.

“Winning team,” wrote the attacker on his Instagram account. In addition, you can see a photo in which Farfán appears accompanied by some footballers such as Christian Ramos, Jairo Concha and the recent signing Darlin Leiton, who has already joined the group very well.