Jefferson Farfán is consulted about Jossmery Toledo and Paolo Hurtado: “He hinted at something with you”

After the ampay starring Jossmery Toledo and the soccer player Paolo Hurtado, the news has gone viral, especially because it was an investigation carried out by the program Magaly Medina, “Magaly TV The Firm”. Given this, the ‘Love and Fire’ cameras went looking for Jefferson Farfán.

a reporter from ‘Love and Fire’ He went to look for the ex-soccer player Jefferson Farfan to the restaurant where he was eating and when he left they asked him what he thought about the ampay between Jossmery Toledo and Paolo Hurtado in Cusco, while his wife was pregnant.

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“What to make of the infidelity of Paolo Hurtado his wife with Jossmery Toledo. At the time, he insinuated something with you,” was the blunt question that the ‘Amor y Fuego’ reporter asked Jefferson Farfán as he left a restaurant in Lima.

In 2020, Rodrigo Gonzalez He said in his program: “There is a rumor that would indicate that the ‘tombita’ would be in something with the little seal. This rumor gains strength. It is said that approximately a couple of weeks ago they would have met. As soon as she arrived from Russia, it seems that she said “I want to meet the tombita”, “he pointed out Rodrigo Gonzalez.

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Jossmery Toledo rules out Jefferson Farfán

In your opportunity, Jossmery Toledo ruled out meeting Jefferson Farfan as Rodrigo González hinted, but he also took the opportunity to send a compliment to the former soccer player. “When he asked me (the reporter), I thought and I was analyzing it. For me, Jefferson Farfán has good legs and Advíncula has a good bearing, ”she said that time.

On another occasion, Jossmery Toledo He made it clear that Jefferson Farfán is not his type. She added that she didn’t like him for the world, “I’ve never seen him apart, he’s not my type. I want a guy who hasn’t been with so many showgirls… he hasn’t liked my photos,” she said.