Jefferson Farfán walks through Miraflores and nobody recognizes him. Has he lost his fame? [VIDEO]

The athlete Jefferson Farfán, who has been without football activity for three months, will return to the fields this Sunday, August 29, in the match between Alianza Lima vs. Cesar Vallejo for League 1.

Meanwhile, before his long-awaited return to football that the Alliance fans are waiting for, Foquita was encouraged to walk the streets of Miraflores in his training clothes to relax for a while and arrive more refreshed at the Blue and Whites’ concentration.

However, even Jefferson Farfán himself was surprised that no one “spread the word” to him or asked him for a selfie in the middle of a public thoroughfare, although he was covered by his mask.

Jefferson Farfan He let that moment pass and shared on his social networks the talk that his friend had, who was the only one who recognized him and was encouraged to “pull” him to his house.

For now, the popular “10 de la calle” would not be a starter in the Alliance Lima vs. Cesar Vallejo. However, he will be on the substitute bench waiting for Carlos Bustos to call him to enter.

Alliance Lima vs. César Vallejo – date and time of the match

The meeting between Cesar Vallejo vs. Lima Allianceby the date 9 of the Phase 2 of League 1 Betssonis agreed for Sunday August 29 from 3:30 pm (local time).

At the moment, Alianza Lima is the leader in the championship with 18 points in eight games played; his closest pursuer is Carlos A. Mannucci with 16 and Sporting Cristal with 15 units.

Jefferson Farfán returns to football

The Alianza Lima coach, Carlos Bustos, announced that Jefferson Farfán has shown the conditions to be called up for the Alianza Lima match against the César Vallejo University.

So the presence of the 10 of the street would be almost assured for today, which would mean his return to football after being unemployed for more than 90 days due to injury.

Jefferson farfán was the hero of Alianza Lima

After three months off the pitch, Jefferson Farfán became the savior of Alianza Lima by scoring the only goal of the match against Universidad César Vallejo.

La Foquita dedicated the goal to his detractors, who gave it as a former player due to his severe injury to his left knee. However, the 10th of the street silenced them with his goal.

Jefferson Farfán sends a message after returning to Alianza Lima with a great goal

Jefferson Farfán shared a thoughtful message after having a successful return to Alianza Lima and that is that he scored a great goal.

“Work, dedicate yourself, fight and always persevere in the face of adversity. Do not allow anything or anyone to determine your future, that is always determined by you. Adversity and setbacks are only temporary obstacles that will already make you stronger on the path to your dreams, ”she pointed out.

Will Jefferson Farfán return to the Peruvian national team?

After returning to the fields with Lima Allianceand on top of that scoring the winning goal, the chances that Foquita will put on the Peruvian national team shirt again.

The next matches that the Peruvian team will have will be in October, and there will also be three matches in a single FIFA date. Therefore, Farfán has great chances of being with the Bicolor.