Jefferson Farfán’s daughter turns 18 and her father dedicates an emotional message to her: “Enjoy your day!”

Jefferson Farfán’s eldest daughter has a birthday. Maialen Carrasco Farfan He has just become an adult and celebrated his day with his father, with whom he would have gone to lunch at a restaurant. The same ‘Foquita’, she shared the photograph of her future heiress having a drink, because she can already do it legally.

Maialen Carrasco Farfan converted 18 years ago to Jefferson Farfan in father for the first time and now what was a little girl is a woman. The former soccer player wished his eldest daughter the best, although he has not yet revealed the gift he has given her in the middle of the celebration, as he has done on other occasions.

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Through his Instagram account, Jefferson Farfan He dedicated the best wishes to his daughter in a publication that immediately received various reactions. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish you all the happiness in the world, that you never lack health and love so that your dreams come true. Enjoy your day! I love you daughter.”

The message of Jefferson Farfan for his daughter he achieved several reactions. More than 11,000 people wished her, they reacted with a “Like” and many people have wished the best for the young woman who is already studying at the university to become a professional and be the pride of her parents.

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What did Jefferson give his daughter at age 17?

Jefferson Farfan He gave his daughter a luxury car for her 17-year-old. Last year and on social networks, she received this gift as a surprise. That time, in América Hoy, it was revealed according to his source what model of car the soccer player gave his daughter. “Nothing more and nothing less than a 0-kilometer car. The gift would be of the year and high-end.”

It is known that “Foquita” has a taste for sports cars and has his collection of them, for which he could have given away any of the ones he wore at some point, which are priced at $300,000 and $235,000.