Jeffrey Mejía, the Latino businessman behind the Welcome to Times Square portal

One of the busiest areas of the city of New York is Times square. The advertising is so colorful that the main brands in the world advertise there, in addition to the fact that they can be visited in the surroundings pubs, restaurants, theaters, museums and more.

A young entrepreneur and businessman Latino who heads one of the most capable teams in South Florida, U.S, has made sure that the public falls in love with this area.

Is about Jeffrey Mejia, who through, the online marketplace, is materializing his belief that “it is a trick to be at the click” in the Big Apple.

With a business model and vision, Mejía works to revolutionize the digital market with his experience in finance and business coaching.

The application is an innovative online marketplace compatible with the social networks where partners and advertisers of New York they can engage followers through videos, images, comments and likes to help the user choose, indicates a press release.

Through the App and web portal, Mejía aims to return to Times square in the limelight by bringing back the vibrancy and lively atmosphere of the Big Apple.

The accurate information that this platform allows tourists and locals to easily navigate the website and discover what new experiences the city of New York to meet the growing expectations of your audience.

A great dream of Jeff to bring a unique experience to fans of the city of New York. His leadership, along with his deep knowledge and experience, helps people grow their businesses to drive and build successful business models.

The CEO Jeffrey Mejia, who is an expert in digital solutions, defines himself as a visionary. Believe in “if you want to achieve something extraordinary, help others to grow. Growth and success never happen in isolation. “

According to the El Milenio portal, he graduated in Finance from Hofstra University, New York and is the founder and CEO of LSG Software Solutions & LSG Software Solutions Dominican Republic.

It says that the presence in social networks, suppliers and even strategically located billboards, it will not only promote the sightseeing in New York, but will also promote Times square Worldwide.

To further appreciate its charm, it is ideal to visit Times square at night.