Jencarlos Canela, the 360 ​​artist who creates his own opportunities

Caramba! It is an expression that indicates admiration, surprise or anger, but it is also the title of the new single by Cuban-American singer, songwriter and actor Jencarlos Canela.

The artist spoke to Diario Libre, as the only media outlet in the Dominican Republic, about how excited he is to present this topic for various reasons.

First, he launches it under the umbrella of his own record label, and second, because the single is served as an “appetizer” for the album due out in 2022.

“This single is part of a much bigger project, from which you are going to start listening to many releases; this is the first of many to come culminating in an album that has me very motivated, very excited, “he said during the conversation.

“The song has its urban rhythm, there is a fusion of those guitars that captivated me from the beginning I heard them”, he says about the song recorded in Canada “at less than 15 degrees”.

The video clip was recorded at Casa Florida, a Miami restaurant, and captures the essence of Cuban idiosyncrasy through a game of dominoes, guayaberas and couples dancing.

Jencarlos is aware that to be successful an artist must show a differentiating element, give the public the extra and, if necessary, create their own opportunities. This is how he designed the so-called conceptual concerts, in which the public lives an experience more than a simple recital.

“As artists we are always offering concerts and everything else, and I decided to open a department within our company that is dedicated to holding events and carrying out experiences. Now I find myself in a position where our concerts are conceptual ”, explained Canela with a smile that did not go away during the entire interview.

“Our concerts are not only concerts, now we can perform shows Halloween, conceptual with haunted houses and endless experiences and activations that I think the audience will have a better time and this is the goal from now on, “said Canela, clarifying that this does not mean that he will stop performing conventional concerts .

“The productions that we do are going to be a little more complete and offer more than an hour and a half or two hours of music,” he reiterated.

During the conversation, he spoke about the resilience you have to have to get ahead in the music industry.

“I have been told that not many times, my music career even started with a no. I recorded the album with Rudy Pérez and no label wanted it, it was released independently and became the best independent debut of 2012, “he said.