Jennifer Lopez turns 53 years old

singer and actress Jennifer Lopez celebrates this Sunday, July 24, 53 years of life and in a new chapter.

This special date is celebrated with the actor Ben Affleckwhom he recently married in an intimate ceremony in Las Vegas.

The celebrity is now Jennifer Lynn Affleck, although she still retains her birth name for her stage name, being the fourth time that JLo says “I do”.

But she will not let this day go unnoticed. So she launched her new care line JLo Bodysuit, a year after launching JLo Beauty. In the short commercial promo she puts cream on her body and, of course, showed her butt in a black swimsuit.

“We give all this care and attention to the skin on our face, but sometimes we neglect the body. It was important to me to create a skincare routine for the body to address its specific and unique needs, and we started with the booty! today is my birthday and I’m giving you a special drop of #JLoBody FIRM + FLAUNT™ Targeted Booty Balm,” she announced on social media.

Next, a report from the EFE agency reviews which men occupied the heart of the “Diva del Bronx”, before the actor… And even after, because her story with Affleck is a saga in two parts.



David Cruz and Jennifer Lopez. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

They began their relationship when Jennifer was 15 years old, and were together for almost a decade. David Cruz was JLo’s first love long before she rose to fame, and he accompanied her during the beginning of her career.

“We grew up together,” the singer said, according to the Daily Mail. In March 2020, Cruz passed away at the age of 51.


Jennifer Lopez turns 53 years old


Cuban Ojani Noa, five years younger than Jennifer Lopez, was her first husband. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

Model, actor, personal trainer and waiter; Cuban Ojani Noa, five years younger than Jennifer, was her first husband. They got married when they hadn’t been dating for a year, in 1997.

And neither did they reach the year of marriage before divorcing in 1998. Years later, they ended up in court because, according to JLo, Ojani was going to publish a book with details of her intimate life and even an alleged video. The model had to compensate her with more than half a million dollars.


Jennifer Lopez turns 53 years old


The rumors that linked JLo and Mottola romantically took place in 1999. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

It is not an official relationship and, in fact, Jennifer has denied that there was anything between them, but the music mogul assured that there was a lot of chemistry. The rumors that linked them romantically took place in 1999, when Tommy was already divorced from Mariah Carey and was not yet related to Thalia.


Jennifer Lopez turns 53 years old


Lopez and Combs were together from 1999 to 2001. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

Producer and rapper, Diddy was the next official relationship of the interpreter of “Dance again” after Ojani Noa. And also, one of the most controversial: “we were just kids”, said JLo in “The Breakfast Club”.

Lopez and Combs have been together since 1999 to 2001. During the relationship, the singer was involved in a shooting that earned her a police arrest, although in the end she had nothing to do with the crime.


Jennifer Lopez turns 53 years old


The famous married Criss Judd in the fall of 2001. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

After Diddy Jennifer Lopez she found love again with dancer Criss Judd, whom she married in the fall of 2001. By the end of that year, the marriage was already in crisis and they divorced in 2002.

JLo’s visibility and public exposure, and her dedication to her career, could be some of the causes. According to Judd, a relationship with the Bronx diva “is very hard, they invade your privacy and you stop being a normal person,” she told “Us Weekly.”


Jennifer Lopez turns 53 years old


With Marc Anthony the artist had her two children, Max and Emme. (EFE)

One of the best known couples Jennifer Lopez It is the one that he formed with the successful singer Marc Anthony, with whom he performed that famous “Don’t love me”. Friends for a long time, in 2004 they began their relationship and secretly married.

In 2008 JLo gave birth to two twins, a boy and a girl, Max and Emme, the result of this marriage. Despite the popularity of the family they formed, in 2011 they announced that they were going to divorce, a fact that was completed in 2012.

“She will always be my soulmate, the girl of my life. We have been very good friends from day one,” Antohny told “Extra.” Jennifer, in turn, told Oprah Winfrey that she felt she “failed miserably” at the divorce.

Casper Smart

Jennifer Lopez turns 53 years old


JLo and dancer Casper Smart. (EFE)

After the divorce with Marc Anthony, Jennifer found love again in another dancer, this time 18 years younger than her: Casper Smart. They were together for several years, but Smart’s alleged infidelity was the cause of their breakup.

Some time later he admitted that he was immature and did not know how to take care of the relationship: “I was very young and selfish,” he said on the “Despierta América” ​​program, and explained that “I thought I was ready to have a relationship with a woman with children.” .

Apparently, he was wrong.


Jennifer Lopez turns 53 years old


Jennifer Lopez and rapper Drake. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

The rapper and the singer had a fun adventure for a few months between 2016 and 2017, which they bragged about on social networks but that did not amount to anything serious, although there are those who say that it was the Puerto Rican who broke the Canadian’s heart.

“2010 was when I lost my halo, 2017 was when I lost JLo,” says Drake’s song “Diplomatic Immunity,” released in 2018.


Jennifer Lopez turns 53 years old


JLo and ARod were friends but it was not until 2017 that love emerged between them. (EFE)

A former baseball player, Jennifer met Alex when he was still married to Marc Anthony since they were both friends. However, it was not until 2017 that love blossomed between them.

They came to have a common home and wedding plans, but in 2021 they ended their relationship: “we are doing better as friends,” they said in a statement.

Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez turns 53 years old


JLo and Ben got married in Las Vegas. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

The story of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck dates back two decades: they started dating in 2002, after the diva’s second divorce. they starred together Gigli in 2003and they became engaged.

But just a few weeks before the wedding, they called off their engagement and broke off their relationship. Almost 20 years later, they have just said “I do”.

And it is that after the breakup of JLo with Álex Rodríguez, she and Affleck resumed their relationship: “We have had a second chance”Lopez told “People.”

Now, to everyone’s surprise, they have suddenly married in Las Vegas on July 18: “We did it”, Jennifer’s title to her first statement as Mrs. Affleck, in her “On the JLo” newsletter.

The singer wrote that “love is beautiful. Love is kind. And it turns out that love is patient: twenty years of patience. According to Jennifer, that wedding was “exactly what we wanted”.

However, according to “Cosmopolitan”, a source close to the marriage would have clarified that the rush of the ceremony could be due to the fact that “Jennifer wanted to do it before he chickened out”.

And many media have brought to light an alleged prenuptial agreement that they would have already signed in the first decade of the 2000s, about which the couple has not commented today. Nor have they done about the rest of the rumors.

Although according to TMZ, the couple will celebrate the wedding again with their loved ones, at the moment it seems that they do not have a newlywed trip planned either. Because “for Jennifer every day with Ben is a honeymoon”, a source close to the couple would have said according to “Cuore”.

And it is that, in her own words, Jennifer believes that “love is a great thing, perhaps the best of all things, and it is worth waiting for”. And so, after 20 years of waiting it seems that, for now, she and Ben are enjoying that great thing together.

Jennifer Lopez turns 53 years old


The ceremony was simple and with only several people. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)